Step 1: Authorize access to your Google Analytics


This site requires read-only access to your Google Analytics data to notify you of user activity on your website.

The data will only be used for this purpose. It will only be accessed by your own web browser, and will not be stored, shared or made accessible to anyone else. See the privacy policy for more information.

Step 2: Configure which users to listen to


You have no Google Analytics Views in the account you logged in with.

Either add a view in Google Analytics and refresh the page, or change accounts by clicking "Revoke Authorization" above and then authenticating with a different account.

Step 3: Listen to your users

You're listening!

Make sure your volume is up.

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How it works:
  • Door open: A new user became active on your site
  • Door close: An active user left your site
  • Foot steps: Users are visiting different pages on your site
  • Multiple sounds: Up to 10 sounds will play at once depending on how much activity is happening on your site.